29. März 2010 at 21:46 (English, Unspezifisch)


reMIND Graphic Novel

Out there… (you know, for some reason English speaking people, probably especially American people tend to speak about something „out there“, at least that´s what they do in the movies all the time until it becomes a ridiculus phrase, but whatever, I start my article with it anyway), so…
out there, there´s much to discover on the internet if you know where to look.

I trust my small German speaking readers community to be well capable of handling English generally, and moreover, to potentially be interested in the worlds that unfold when one throws oneself into a story that´s not only told in ordinary plain words but in pictures – in colored drawings, each a small artwok. Call it comic, but depending on the intensity it potentially holds it it might nonetheless be a very inspiring novel in words and pictures. Beautiful pictures, in this case, though somewhat distinct in their ways. Whatever. I love the world behind ‚reMIND‘ although not much is published yet. Maybe it´ll just become a false expectation later on, but right now it´s fascinating and I’m happy to recommend the artwork and the artists blog.

The story starts here:

Actually this guy´s just starting off and desperately seeking support and funding, so if anyone has some good ideas and/or knowledge concerning publishing (especially from a non-US point of experience), I´m sure he´d be more than happy to hear about it, so leave him a comment.

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