29. März 2010 at 21:46 (English, Unspezifisch)


reMIND Graphic Novel

Out there… (you know, for some reason English speaking people, probably especially American people tend to speak about something „out there“, at least that´s what they do in the movies all the time until it becomes a ridiculus phrase, but whatever, I start my article with it anyway), so…
out there, there´s much to discover on the internet if you know where to look.

I trust my small German speaking readers community to be well capable of handling English generally, and moreover, to potentially be interested in the worlds that unfold when one throws oneself into a story that´s not only told in ordinary plain words but in pictures – in colored drawings, each a small artwok. Call it comic, but depending on the intensity it potentially holds it it might nonetheless be a very inspiring novel in words and pictures. Beautiful pictures, in this case, though somewhat distinct in their ways. Whatever. I love the world behind ‚reMIND‘ although not much is published yet. Maybe it´ll just become a false expectation later on, but right now it´s fascinating and I’m happy to recommend the artwork and the artists blog.

The story starts here:

Actually this guy´s just starting off and desperately seeking support and funding, so if anyone has some good ideas and/or knowledge concerning publishing (especially from a non-US point of experience), I´m sure he´d be more than happy to hear about it, so leave him a comment.

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Brief Thoughts

11. Dezember 2007 at 22:51 (English, Spezifisch)

Take what you can get.
And get away as long as you still can take it.

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Dinner for two

26. Juni 2007 at 23:56 (English, Spezifisch)

I once had a dinner for two
the candles grew dimmer and you
were pretty, yet airy
I called you a fairy
the problem was: hence it was true.

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The undecidedness

21. Juni 2007 at 18:44 (English, Spezifisch)

For you, I would do everything. I would even… er schaut mit seinem Blick, seinen weit geöffneten Augen von unten auf, yes, I would even change myself – und er stockt für einen Lidschlag – as far as I am defined, that is. More or less, sagte er, more or less I am a floating, living though, yet an undefined soul in an ocean of undecidedness. From time to time, however, there is a spot of concreteness, something I can grasp hold on, one thing that reminds me of myself. Seine Augen blinzeln nicht. I do know what I want. In this moment, in this second. It is, forgive my bluntness, it is you.

Ihr Blick liegt ruhig in seinen Augen, in seinem flackernden Ich. I would define myself for you. Through you, yes, I admit, yet not on you. I come to an existence through you, for you, with you. If you will. Sein Atem geht schnell. Ihr Blick liegt in seinen großen Augen. Er schweigt und sein Atem beruhigt sich langsam. Sie fragt sich, was er gedacht hat, weiß es, und warum er es nicht ausgesprochen hat. Er auch. Die Wellen der Unentschiedenheit schlagen unhörbar über ihnen zusammen.

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Fur-Sellers Limerick

21. Mai 2007 at 3:20 (English, Lieblinge, Spezifisch)

There was a fur-seller from Perth
who sold old umbrellas of furs.
Though cheap and of lightness,
quite soon their poor tightness
made quit him untimely this earth.

Yes! My very first limerick. Stop me, or I might continue.

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18. Mai 2007 at 22:21 (English, Spezifisch)

The pretty little story of the goldfish Goldie who lived in a nice little 500-liter-tank next to the cornerstore of an old Chinese man who had been trading illegal Sushi for the illegal Japanese workers in town via Nowgorod, Saint-Petersburg, and Kowloon, and who used to hide the contraband inside Goldies tank every time after weary time before he finally got caught; this story of Goldie who decided that an ugly old tank would not suit his golden future dreams and of the very same Goldie who began starting to preparing to going outside, stepping into the unknown, exploring the next valley and the great, green forests, the fluffy clouds and the little sparkling stars, is pretty short.

To be quite frank, he didn’t die of suffocation, he wasn’t overrun by a car, not eaten by any beast, he survived the greenhouse-effect without any complaint or the faintest sign of indisposition, nor did he end up as Sushi. Also, Goldie didn’t die in the forest, not in the valley nor in the clouds and most prominently not in the little, sparkling stars. However, he died. Heart attack. It looks as if it spared him many potential complications.

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